Load Management Feature Upgrade for EV Charger

Load Management Feature Upgrade for EV Charger

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EV Chargers can add significant load to residential electrical panels. In many cases, EV Chargers can't be added without completing a service panel upgrade. Emporia overcomes this issue through Load Management, powered by Emporia's energy management system (EMS*). The EMS, which utilizes the Emporia Vue energy monitor and our proprietary software, allows the EV Charger's electrical output to be dynamically adjusted according to the maximum available load in the service panel.  This approach not only helps avoid expensive service panel upgrades, it provides the homeowner with live energy monitoring and management tools as well.

This SKU is a Feature Upgrade only. You must purchase and install both a Emporia EV Charger and Vue energy monitor separately.  Once this Upgrade has been purchased, you MUST provide your Emporia EV Charger's Serial Number (found on the side of the actual charging unit) to the Emporia Energy Support Team to assign the upgrade to the Emporia Charger of your choice.

Call Emporia at: 844 EMPORIA
Or email Emporia at:  (subject: Upgrade my charger)

*Emporia's EMS solution conforms to NEC and NFPA 70 standards